About Me

Celia is a native Texan by birth, and has traveled to many parts of the world, wielding this fact as both a weapon and a comfort. Shortly after high school, she joined the Air Force and used her creative writing skills in generating weather forecasts for Tornado Alley and in support of two different wars in the Middle East while maintaining her inability to take anything seriously or personally. What military bearing?

After several aimless years post her stint in the Air Force, she found that creative writing as a career was where her heart and mind were driven. She is funny, clever and weird. Why not get paid to put those traits on paper?

Her latest work in process is a story that mixes personal experiences – why can no one ever pronounce her name? – sci-fiction, natural history and small towns into one tome that is sure to terrify with the monsters as it is to entertain with the mundane. After all, what’s scarier: a murderous, prehistoric cave monster or a tiny town full of people who know everything about each other and see little reason to venture outside of their comfort zones?